How Airfunding Works?

Airfunding is a global donation-type crowdfunding service. Anyone in any country can quickly and easily create projects to raise funds around the world for their beloved ones, for themselves, for the community and for charity.


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  • Share your project through Direct messages
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Go Worldwide

  • Gather 3 supports from your close people
  • Get your project ranked up to the Worldwide Stage
  • Get your project featured in Airfunding!


Collect your funds

  • Receive all your collected funds when your project ends

※It usually takes about 1 to 2 weeks to the delivery of the support amount.

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Collect funds from people around the world

Your project will be translated to 17 different languages. No need to worry about language barriers!

The website is available in 17 languages, and staff who can communicate in English, Spanish, Indonesian, Russian, etc. is always available to assist you, so you can use the platform with confidence.

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The world that Airfunding wants to create

If we can let people “Help everyone, with everyone”, we will be able to to eliminate the need to give up dreams for financial reasons, letting people support each other regardless borders and language barriers.

If you want to fundraise your idea or cause and reach every country of the world, then Airfunding is the best crowdfunding platform for you!

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